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Ventura County Cacao Project

In the heart of Tabasco, Mexico, elder Asunción and elder Efrén Hernández Maldonado, members of the Ik Naskin Ha Indigenous Council, are guardians of an invaluable ancestral legacy: sacred cacao and maize. Elder Efrén, a Maya priest and the tenth generation custodian of the sacred cacao grove, leads the Maya Spirituality School, a beacon attracting people from around the world to ancestral wisdom.

The cacao grove, home to native cacaos safeguarded for generations, is more than just a farming field. It is a biodiverse ecosystem, a sanctuary of fruit trees, medicinal plants, and wildlife. Here, harmony and balance are living legends, protected by ancestral agricultural practices that honor the land and its guardians.

Each event we organize, like the upcoming one on June 29th, has a clear purpose: to preserve these traditions, protect the cacao grove, and mitigate the impact on our planet. Every financial contribution is a step towards the continuity of this ancestral wisdom, towards a future where the cacao grove remains a beacon of energy and life.

Join us on this journey of preservation and reverence for the land and its guardians. Together, we can ensure that the roots of Maya culture continue to flourish for generations to come.

The project focuses on preserving the cacao grove, which is more than just a farming area. It's an ecosystem rich in biodiversity, housing native cacao trees, fruit trees, medicinal plants, and various wildlife. The grove is maintained through ancestral agricultural practices that prioritize harmony and balance with nature.

Funds raised from events like the one scheduled for June 29th directly support the continuation of these traditions and the protection of the cacao grove. The project's goal is to ensure that the ancestral wisdom and cultural heritage passed down through generations remain vibrant and accessible for future generations.

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