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About Me

As a transformational coach and facilitator, my journey of self-discovery and growth has been deeply influenced by my mentorship under renowned Coach Kute Blackson since 2018. Beginning as a client, I progressed to become his student, completing an intensive program in transformational coaching. I further honed my skills by assisting in his program and now have the privilege of mentoring clients who are part of my coaching program, drawing upon the wisdom and insights gained from my ongoing learning process with Kute. 

My diverse range of clients includes individuals from all walks of life, from students, mothers and professionals to reality TV stars. I am deeply committed to guiding each individual on their unique path of self-discovery and transformation.

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Energy Healing

My journey in energy healing is a multidimensional exploration that spans over two decades, encompassing a diverse range of healing arts, spiritual philosophies, and transformational tools. As a Reiki Master with training in Reiki Holy Fire, I have delved deep into the ancient practice of Reiki, honing my skills and mastering the art of channeling energy to facilitate profound transformation in individuals. My studies in India and training in the Q'ero Medicine Wheel under the guidance of a teacher, and then of Q'ero elders have enriched my understandings of energy work, allowing me to integrate ancient teachings and traditions into my practice. Through these immersive experiences, including learning about the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of Peru, I have cultivated a deep connection with the energetic realms, enabling me to read energy intuitively and explore energy anatomy with precision and sensitivity.  

Continuing my lifelong journey of learning and growth, I am currently apprenticing under Maya elders, particularly elder Efren of the Yocot'an Tribe in Tabasco, Mexico. Through this apprenticeship, I deepen my knowledge in the medicine of Kawka (Cacao), a sacred plant medicine that I actively bring to my community, sharing its healing properties and wisdom with others. 


The Retreat
Joshua Tree, CA

In addition to my coaching practice, I co-lead The Women Gathered retreat, a sacred space where women come together for profound transformation and empowerment. This gathering serves as a catalyst for healing and growth, fostering a supportive community of women on their individual journeys. 



My journey in energy healing extends beyond borders and traditions, drawing inspiration from diverse sources and teachers who have shaped my understanding and practice of healing modalities. As a Breathwork facilitator and practitioner in Tantra Breath, I blend ancient wisdom with modern insights to create a unique and transformative experience for individuals seeking healing and self-discovery. 

Influenced by teachers such as Tantric teacher Raja Choudhry and energy master Karina Velasco, I have integrated their wisdom into my practice, enriching my approach to Breathwork and Tantra Breath. 

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